Course Syllabus



Welcome to Week 15

Thank you everyone for your curiosity and scholarship. You have helped each other and evaluated course design for adult students from a variety of perspectives. I have enjoyed working with you and wish everyone an excellent teaching journey.


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Make sure you include the following items in your ePortfolio:

  • Introduction page (include adult education professional goals)
  • Resume or CV
  • Teaching philosophy including teaching style preferences
  • All lesson plans written for this course
  • One lesson plan including Webb's Depth of Knowledge categories
  • Your dream course from week 12
  • Accommodations for LD and ELL students with one of the previous lesson plans
  • Final Reflection on the entire EDU 132 course material

You can also watch this video from CMC Professor Erin Beaver that demonstrates how to create an ePortfolio:

You may submit your ePortolio by making it public, copying the URL to a Word document, and submitting the word document for you final assignment.


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Course Summary:

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