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Check out this embedded Google Docs Presentation: you can show an entire slideshow on one screen, no software required, no downloading & saving PowerPoint files!

If you create a Google Doc or Google Presentation or Google Spreadsheet, etc., you can go to its File menu and select "publish to the web" and then "start publishing." The Presentation will then produce embed code for you. This code can be pasted into Canvas anywhere you get the rich text editor (using the "switch views" option). Why is this cool? Because whatever changes you make in your Google Docs will automatically update everywhere that Google Docs is viewed, including inside your Canvas course! So here is one example of a Google Presentation. I've pasted its embed code into a Canvas Page. It appears below with a frame that includes arrows for going forward and backwards within the presentation, so now you can show an entire slide show on a single Canvas Page. (You can also do this with Flickr, vimeo, YouTube, PhotoPeach, EmbedPlus, TubeChop, and the like - anything that generates embed code.) 

For more on how to embed in Canvas, please see  How To Embed Content In Canvas. Please also check out Tips For Viewing Embedded Content In Canvas Courses.