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Here's an embedded word processing document from Google Docs. Transform a long, multiple-page document into one smoothly scrolling item, on one screen in Canvas! No downloading & saving, no file format issues...

When would you want to use this? Here's one idea:
Create your syllabus as a Google Doc, paste its embed code into the Syllabus section in Canvas, and then if you ever make adjustments to that syllabus in Google Docs (changing dates, adding or subtracting readings, adjusting your grading scale) these changes will automatically update within Canvas. Also, students won't have to open a new file to view the complete syllabus--the Google Doc will allow scrolling, as in this example, which is the CMC syllabus template.

For more on how to embed in Canvas, please see  How To Embed Content In Canvas. Please also check out Tips For Viewing Embedded Content In Canvas Courses.